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See and experience the beauty and amazing of diverse culture in first-hand. Learn language, discussion as well as widen friendship network through cultural and friendship activities. It's your turn to contribute to make better world by doing little things that have big impact. Solidarity and friendship!

IYFCamp offers memorable activities which enhance you to prepare global competition:

If you like to learn new languages, this is the right camp! (language exchange activity

If you like adventure activities, no wonder to join this camp! (Outbound and beaching activities)

If you like cultural exchange, it's IYFCamp's mission. (exchange culture and socio-cultural fiesta)
If you desire to gain friendship network, speechless to explain. This is the place.
If you love to culinary thing, wow! Never regret to join this camp.

International Youth Friendship Camp #6 (IYFCamp) is a platform camp to unite and meet young generation to have meaningful experiences by doing some valuable activities. After successfully organizing the first IYFCamp in 2013, took place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and the second (February 2016), third (October 2016), fourth (March 2017), and fifth of IYFCamp (August 2017) in Bali, Indonesia, AYFN will  be continuing hold the Sixth IYFCamp with the theme of “Connecting youth and Empowering youth ”. This camp focuses on international friendship, social awareness and "cultural and knowledge exchange". IYFCamp will take place on 26 - 30 March 2018, in Bali, Indonesia.

Come to IYFCamp to:
1. Learn new skills through our activities (Lecture, discussion, adventure, cultural exchange, etc.)
2. Learn to be a team player, gain in self-confidence and in travelling experience
3.   Live in new environment and new culture
4.   Meet new people and make friends
5.    Have fun in a relaxed and secured environment
6.   Visit Bali, the  paradise island
7.    Learn new language and culture